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Shaun, the author of this blog is a semi-geek, clumsy developer, passionate speaker and incapable architect with about 10 years’ experience in .NET and JavaScript. He hopes to prove that software development is art rather than manufacturing. He's into cloud computing platform and technologies (Windows Azure, Amazon and Aliyun) and right now, Shaun is being attracted by JavaScript (Angular.js and Node.js) and he likes it.

Shaun is working at Worktile Inc. as the chief architect for overall design and develop worktile, a web-based collaboration and task management tool, and lesschat, a real-time communication aggregation tool.


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DocumentDB, provided by Microsoft Azure, is a low latency, NoSQL document database service for web high-scale gaming, social, and Internet of Things (IoT) app scenarios. Similar as Microsoft Azure Table Storage Service, when using DocumentDB developers don’t have to worry about managing schemas anymore. But additionally, DocumentDB automatically indexes all JSON documents added to the database, letting you use familiar SQL syntax to query them without having to specify the schema or secondary indices ......


During the Chinese New Year holiday, Microsoft had just announced a new feature in V12 SQL Database named Dynamic Data Masking. This feature limits sensitive data exposure by masking it to non-privileged users. We often have similar requirement in our project, that for some users they cannot view some of the data by displaying masked value. For example, email address may need to be displayed as j****** in user profile page for normal visitor. In this case what we need to do is to implement ......


One of my project needs a C++ assembly for data encrypt and decrypt. We built that assembly from Visual Studio 2013 and tested in local machine. Everything ran well. But when I published to Microsoft Azure Website, it failed. We spent half a day to get it resolved and I think it's good to write down what we tried for future reference. Bad Image Format Exception The first exception we met is BadImageFormatException (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007000B). This is a common exception when an Azure application ......


My working in a company which was inside a Crop. network in China. As you may know, in China there are some websites we cannot connect such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. And the connectivity with Google is always unstable, too. As a software developer I need Google everyday to search technical actuals, look for resolution and best practices. Besides, our Crop. network only support 80 and 443 port. This means I cannot use FTP, Remote Desktop and SSH, etc. from my workstation to the service on the ......


What's DocumentDB DocumentDB is a fully-managed, scalable, NoSQL document database service in Microsoft Azure. It provides rich query and indexing capabilities over a schema-free JSON data model. It also provides configurable and reliable performance, native JavaScript transactional processing, and is built for the cloud with elastic scale. DocumentDB was announced on 22nd October as a preview feature. User can provision through the new azure portal. If you are not familiar or this is the first time ......

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